Eldritch Horror Wiki

Flavor Text

You raise your right hand and inspect it, opening and closing it slowly. It seems real enough. The rest though, you are not so sure.

All around you, the colossal ferns and unnaturally twisted trees of an alien forest sway gently in an unfamiliar breeze.

Then, as suddenly as the strange forest appeared, it vanishes, returning you to the familiar confines of your hotel room. Just a dream then, you tell yourself, even as you brush away a twisted leaf that had somehow come to rest upon your shoulder.

Prelude Condition

During step 5 of setup ("Determine Ancient One"), set up the Dreamlands side Board.

After resolving setup, if Hypnos is the Ancient One, each Investigator loses 1 Health and 1 Sanity and gains 1 Focus. Then, each investigator may spend 1 Health and 1 Sanity to gain 1 Clue.

If Hypnos is not the Ancient One, set aside all Otherworldly Dreams Adventures, then draw the A Chance Encounter Adventure.