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The Violinist

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  • Action: You may spend 1 Clue and 1 Focus to improve 1 skill of your choice.
  • When you close a Gate during an Other World Encounter, gain 1 Clue and 1 Focus.

Flavor Text


"When I play the violin, the music echoes in other worlds."


Hailed as a musical prodigy from her youth, Patrice has performed for royalty and society's brightest minds all around the world. For years she thought that her consciousness simply drifted as she played, but she's come to believe that an intelligence exists behind her visions. Somehow the notes form a bridge between her own mind and another. The more she grasps what her music exposes her to, the more afraid she becomes. After last night's concert in Sydney, she's finally decided to take action.

Defeated Encounters

Loss of Health

Tragically, the accident cracked her skull, scarred her face, and left her completely deaf. The doctors place you in charge of her belongings. Gain all of her possessions. She's only awake for short periods of time. You try to keep her attention and learn what she knows (Influence). If you pass, she communicates the message being sent to her through her music; retreat Doom by 1. If you fail, she drifts off to sleep again. Whether you pass or not, discard her Investigator token.

Loss of Sanity

Patrice doesn't speak. She just plays the violin. You can take what you like without objection. Gain all of her possessions. The music she plays is so discordant and unnerving, it's hard to endure (Will). If you pass, the sounds eventually open a part of your mind that you've never experienced before, connecting to dimensional energies; close 1 Gate of your choice on any space. If you fail, the sound devolve into sharp, uneven noises, and then to silence. Whether you pass or not, discard her Investigator token.

Team Role