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Personal Stories were included in the Masks of Nyarlathotep expansion.

If playing with Personal Stories, the title card matching the player's Investigator is dealt out with the starting Assets. When either the "Reward" or "Consequence" condition is met, the player discards the title card and takes the resulting reward or title, resolving any of its effects immediately unless the card specifically says otherwise.

It is not possible to resolve both the Reward or Consequence. Once the first one is resolved, the title card is discarded.

Personal Stories, Rewards, and Consequences are not considered Possessions and may not be traded or discarded by any means except by the effects of the cards themselves. They otherwise follow the effects of the game.

If the player is playing a campaign, Personal Stories that have already been resolved begin the game resolved.

Personal Stories

Title Investigator
The Scientific Method Agatha Crane
In a Past Life Agnes Baker
Guardian of the Veil Akachi Onyele
Dreaming of R'lyeh Amanda Sharpe
Powerful Nightmares "Ashcan" Pete
Doing Business Bob Jenkins
A Friend Indeed Calvin Wright
Final Analysis Carolyn Fern
Seeking Answers Carson Sinclair
Citizen Kane Charlie Kane
Unknown Secrets Daisy Walker
The Shape of Things Daniela Reyes
A Thousand Words Darrell Simmons
The Great Drake Dexter Drake
Bound by the Past Diana Stanley
In Nomine Patris Father Mateo
Don't Get Caught Finn Edwards
My Sweet Maria George Barnaby
Based on a True Story Gloria Goldberg
Where's Pa? Hank Samson
Higher Education Harvey Walters
Arbiter of Fate Jacqueline Fine
Search for Isabelle Jenny Barnes
Dead Rising Jim Culver
Finish the Job Joe Diamond
Resonance Kate Winthrop
The Expedition Leo Anderson
All That Stands Lily Chen
In the Limelight Lola Hayes
Shadow of Doubt Luke Robinson
Connect the Dots Mandy Thompson
Grand-mere's Warning Marie Lambeau
Shadowed Heart Mark Harrigan
Oath of Vengeance Michael McGlen
Alone and Afraid Minh Thi Phan
Searching Ages Past Monterey Jack
Written in the Stars Norman Withers
Cadenza Patrice Hathaway
Wealth Without Work Preston Fairmont
Dispelling the Curse Rex Murphy
Through Prejudice Rita Young
The Truth is Out There Roland Banks
Calling Sefina Rousseau
The Call Silas Marsh
He is My Shepherd Sister Mary
Leave it to Chance "Skids" O'Toole
We Need a Hero! Tommy Muldoon
Thrill of the Hunt Tony Morgan
Cracking the Code Trish Scarborough
Next Big Discovery Ursula Downs
The Doctor is In Vincent Lee
Memento Wendy Adams
To Be Or Not To Be William Yorick
Heckuva Job Wilson Richards
In His Name Zoey Samaras