Eldritch Horror Wiki

Card Overview

Name: Plateau of Leng
Card Type: Other World Encounter
Test Required: Yes
Clue Required: No
Choice Allowed: No
Variants: 1

Encounter Details

ID # Expansion Initial Encounter Pass Encounter Fail Encounter
30 02
Forsaken Lore
As you make your way through a web-filled valley, you see an enormous purple spider crawling toward your path. You hope to sneak past the creature (Observation - 1). As you leave the spider behind, you discover the corpse of a previous victim. You find the unfortunate man's journal and translate the strange symbols on the pages (Lore). If you pass, you discover a safe path home; close this Gate. If you fail, you misinterpret the directions; gain a Lost in Time and Space Condition. The spider sees you and attacks (Strength - 1)! If you pass, you rescue someone else trapped in its web; gain 1 random Ally Asset from the deck. If you fail, you're bitten by the spider; lose 1 Health Health and gain a Poisoned Condition.