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An investigator may undertake a Prepare for Travel action to obtain either 1 Train Ticket or 1 Ship Ticket while they are on a City City space.

  • If the location they are on has at least one Train pathTrain path connected to it, the investigator may gain a Train Ticket Train Ticket.
  • If there as at least one Ship pathShip path, they may obtain a Ship Ticket Ship Ticket.
  • If both paths are available, the investigator may choose either a train or ship ticket, but they may only choose one ticket.

An investigator cannot have more than two travel tickets. If he already has two travel tickets when he performs this action, he must discard one travel ticket before gaining a new travel ticket.

Carson Sinclair Carson Sinclair may take two travel tickets instead of one when he undertakes a Prepare for Travel action. This also applies to any investigators on his space. The restriction of what tickets he can get still applies.

Travel Tickets

A Train Ticket

A Ship Ticket

A Travel Ticket is a Possession that an Investigator can obtain during a game of Eldritch Horror. An investigator can have a maximum of two tickets at once. Travel tickets are spent during a Travel action. After moving one space for the action, the investigator may spend their tickets to move further along the appropriate path. The investigator must make his one move before spending any tickets.

As with any possession, travel tickets can be freely given to another investigator as a Trade Action.

Obtaining Travel Tickets

Travel Tickets can be obtained in any of the following ways:

  • Prepare for Travel action.
  • An investigator may start with a Travel Ticket (e.g. Jenny Barnes Jenny Barnes).
  • An investigator action may give the player a Travel Ticket under certain specific conditions (e.g. Minh Thi Phan Minh Thi Phan).
  • The Coming Storm Prelude gives the player the option of obtaining a travel ticket, even if the investigator is not on a space that would let them gain tickets.