Eldritch Horror Wiki
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Reckoning is a game effect precipitated by the Reckoning symbol appearing on a card turned over during the Mythos Phase.

When resolving reckoning effects, use the following order:

  1. Monsters: If any monsters have an effect, trigger them. Not all monsters have a Reckoning.
  2. Ancient One: If the Ancient One has a Reckoning effect, apply that to the investigator or investigator.
  3. Mythos cards: Resolve the reckoning effect on each Ongoing Mythos card in play, such as Rumors.
  4. Possessions and Conditions: Starting with the Lead Investigator and proceeding clockwise, each investigator resolves the reckoning effect on each possession and Condition he has, if any, in order of his choice.
  • Reckoning effects are preceded by a reckoning icon.
  • Components with reckoning effects have the reckoning icon on the lower-right corner as a visual reminder.
  • Any monster, possession, or Condition that the Investigator gains as a result of the Reckoning effect that has a Reckoning effect of its own does NOT trigger this round.