Eldritch Horror Wiki

A Research Encounter is a type of Card that is used when playing Eldritch Horror.

A player may choose to draw a Research Encounter if he is on a space with a Clue token during the Encounter Phase.

Research Encounters are specific to the Ancient One that is in play during the game, and are set aside during game setup. Similar to a General Encounter, the player is given three options of City, Wilderness, or Sea space, and picks the one that is appropriate to the space.

In general, Research Encounters test one or more skills, usually Observation, and, if successful, will usually garner the player the Clue on the space. If the test is failed, or the pass effect does not instruct the player to gain the clue, it remains where it is.

Sometimes, a Research Encounter will give more than one Clue. If this is true, gather any extra clues from the reserve, do not take any clues from the board.