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San Francisco is a location on the World Map.

Mentioned Places and Institutions

  • Chinatown
  • Tlaxcala Mining Company

Mentioned Residents

  • Hammett, former Pinkerton Agent
  • Jack Manion, inspector
  • Miller, doctor

Mentioned Nearby Places and Institutions

  • Alcatraz Island
  • Hearst Castle
  • Winchester Mystery House

Real World Location

San Francisco is a city in California, United States.


  • San Francisco is famous for its Chinatown district.
  • Hearst Castle, mentioned in Charlie Kane Charlie Kane's bio, is located several hours south of San Francisco in San Simeon.
  • Expedition Encounters can take place here if using the Cities in Ruin expansion.


  • San Francisco appears in H.P. Lovecraft's short story, Dagon.

Location Encounters

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ID # Expansion Encounter
1 01Core Inspector Jack Manion is looking for information about the Tongs in Chinatown.[1] If you can help him, he'll teach you the basics of police work in exchange. You may spend 1 Clue to improve Observation.
2 01Core You find the husk of a squid-like creature in a tunnel. Just seeing it terrifies you (Observation-1). If you pass, you identify the cthonian; improve 1 skill of your choice as scientists clamor to contribute to its study. If you fail, you run headlong through the tunnel; gain a Leg Injury Condition.
3 01Core You meet Hammett, a former Pinkerton Agent,[2] on the street car and try to convince him to teach you how to be a detective (Influence). If you pass, he agrees; improve Observation. If you fail, he's too distracted by his financial woes; gain a Debt Condition while helping to support his family.
4 01Core You speak to a military prisoner on Alcatraz Island. He tells you his story of deserting after encountering a horrific creature (Will). If you pass, he thanks you for believing him and blesses your name; gain a Blessed Condition. If you fail, the story throws you into a hysterical fit, and the guards arrest you; gain a Detained Condition.
5 01Core You are invited to the Hearst Castle and find yourself surrounded by the best and brightest. You may become Delayed to stay for a few days. If you become Delayed, you pick up some amazing talents; improve 1 skill of your choice.
6 01Core While patrolling in Chinatown, you become adept at spotting signs of cult activity. Improve Observation. You find their temple, but must dispel a hex on the door to enter (Lore). If you fail, lose Health 1 Health and Sanity 1 Sanity as the hex saps your life away.
7 01Core The Examiner hires you to spend a night in the Winchester Mystery House. They provide you with experts in detecting the supernatural. Improve Observation. The odd architecture and the building's history threaten to unhinge your mind as the evening passes (Will-1). If you fail, lose Sanity 2 Sanity.
8 01Core A pulp author named Smith invites you to read his work. The stories disturb you (Will). If you pass, you gain insight into how the invisible world remains hidden; improve Observation. If you fail, the tale chills you to the bone; gain a Madness Condition.
9 02
Forsaken Lore
A private investigator prepares you to help him on a case. Improve Observation. He's looking for a strangely shaped skull that's gone missing after being recovered from a file. Your investigation reveals Atlantean symbols including the one for "resurrection" (Lore-1). If you fail, you do not notice the symbol for "curse;" gain a Cursed Condition.
10 02
Forsaken Lore
You study a fascinating book entitled Megapolisomancy which describes how to use the energy of large cities to manipulate the future[3] (Lore).If you pass, you gain keen insight into future events; improve Observation. If you fail, a horrific, paranormal creature manifests in your room; lose Health 1 Health and Sanity 1 Sanity.
11 02
Forsaken Lore
A tall, gaunt man with a bald, skull-like head introduces himself as Surama and offers to teach you the secrets of Atlantis.[4] However, you can sense he is trying to manipulate you as he speaks. You may gain Dark Pact Condition to improve Observation and 1 other skill of your choice.
12 02
Forsaken Lore
At the Tlaxcala Mining Company, you find strange records of a man who could transport himself across tremendous distances.[5] The idea sounds absurd, but some elements of his story ring familiar. You may spend Sanity 2 Sanity to move to a space of your choice.
13 02
Forsaken Lore
You hear of a powerful wizard in Chinatown named Lang-Fu,[6] who will help you if you can afford his fee (Influence-1). If you pass, he uses his sorcery to transform you; improve 1 skill of your choice. If you fail, he deems you unworthy, and several deep ones attack you; lose Health 1 Health and Sanity 1 Sanity.
14 02
Forsaken Lore
The fabric of reality is weak in the seedy Tenderloin district. As a result, many here suffer from the Black Madness. Very little of what they say can be understood (Lore-1). If you pass, you learn much; improve 1 skill of your choice. If you fail, they drag you with them into the unknown; gain a Lost in Time and Space Condition.
15 02
Forsaken Lore
You are asked to examine a corpse. Working with the mortician, you learn some basic forensic skills. Improve Observation. The body has a strange wire hood over its head and seems to have been electrocuted. It's a grisly sight (Will-1). If you fail, the image haunts your nightmares; lose Sanity 2 Sanity.
16 02
Forsaken Lore
As a stranger bumps into you, a small needle pierces your skin, infecting you with the black fever. Dr. Miller oversees your recovery (Strength). If you pass, you recover, and Miller teaches you to be alert to such tactics in the future; improve Observation. If you fail, the fever stays with you; gain a Poisoned Condition and a Paranoia Condition.


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