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Personal Story for Jenny Barnes.

Flavor Text

Izzy is a smart girl. She is okay. At least, that is what you keep telling yourself. Still, you have to find her -- and fast.

Personal Story

  • When you gain this card, place 3 random Clues faceup on this card. After resolving an Encounter on one of these spaces, discard that Clue. Then, if there are no clues on this card, discard this card and gain the Isabelle Reward.
  • When Doom advances to 6 or lower, discard this card and gain the Too Late Consequence.

Reward: Isabelle

  • When you gain this card, improve Observation and Will.
  • When another investigator accepts a Bank Loan as part of an Acquire Assets Action, that investigator adds 1 additional success to the test result.

Consequence: Too Late

  • When you gain this card, impair Influence and Will.
  • Your maximum Health Health and Sanity Sanity are reduced by 1.