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Mark Harrigan small.png
Personal Story for Mark Harrigan.

Flavor Text

Determined, you are unable to resist the plea for help. You will not fail them like you failed her.

Personal Story

  • When you defeat a non-Epic Monster during a Combat Encounter, place that Monster on this card. Then, if the total toughness of Monsters on this card is 10 or greater, discard this card and gain the A Reason to Live Reward.
  • When another investigator is defeated or devoured, discard this card and gain the Total Abandon Consequence.

Reward: A Reason to Live

  • Your maximum Sanity Sanity is increased by 2.
  • When you gain this card, recover Sanity 2 Sanity.
  • When a monster loses Health from your Action ability, it loses 2 additional Health Health.

Consequence: Total Abandon

  • Increase the damage and horror of Monsters you encounter by 1.
  • After resolving a Combat Encounter, you and that Monster each lose Health 1 Health.