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"The Black Goat of the Woods"

During pagan rites, Shub-Niggurath absorbs worthy cultists into her amorphous body and transforms them into gof'nn hupadgh Shub-Niggurath, the goat spawn. From the wildest corners of the earth, her primal brood, the dark young, emerge to overwhelm humanity.


Shub-Niggurath is part of the core set.


  • Reckoning: Spawn 1 Monster on a random space. Then, if there are 10 or more Monsters on the game board, advance Doom by 2.
  • When 3 Mysteries have been solved, investigators win the game.
  • When Shub-Niggurath awakens, flip the sheet and resolve the"Shub-Niggurath Awakens!" effect on the back.


The players have 13 spaces on the Doom counter before Shub-Niggurath awakens.


Set aside 2 Ghoul Monsters, 2 Goat Spawn Monsters, and 1 Dark Young Monster.


Horror Test N/A
Horror N/A
Strength Test Strength-1
Damage 1
Toughness 1
Spawn Effect N/A
Reckoning Spawn 1 Goat Spawn Monster or 1 Dark Young Monster on this space.

Then, if you spawned a Monster, discard this cultist.

Cultist Ability N/A

Mythos Deck

Stage I 1 2 1
Stage II 3 2 1
Stage III 2 4 0


Mystery Type Set
Blasphemy of the Black Goat Epic Monster 02
Forsaken Lore
Hour of the Moon Lens Eldritch Tokens 02
Forsaken Lore
Hunting the Thousand Misc. 01Core
Nature of the All-Mother Research Encounter 01Core
Rituals in the Wild Eldritch Tokens 01Core
Spawn of the Black Goat Epic Monster 01Core

Battle in the Woods

The feral mother of all monstrosities has manifested! She is an enormous cloud from which dozens of tentacles extend and retract. Wherever she goes, she leaves behind large hoof prints. To behold her true, terrifying form is to come face to face with true, primal horror.

- Spoiler (Show/Hide) -

Shub-Niggurath Awakens!

Immediate Effect

Spawn the Shub-Niggurath Epic Monster on The Heart of Africa. Then move all Ghoul, Goat Spawn, and Dark Young Monsters on the game board to that space.

Final Mystery

When the Shub-Niggurath Epic Monster is defeated, the Final Mystery is solved and investigators win the game.

Black Goat of the Woods With a Thousand Young

  • Each time Doom would advance, spawn 1 Monster on the space containing the Shub-Niggurath Epic Monster. Then, is there are 6 or more Monsters on that space (including the Shub-Niggurath Epic Monster), investigators lose the game.
  • Reckoning : Each investigator on the space containing the Shub-Niggurath Epic Monster immediately encounters it.


Horror Test N/A
Horror N/A
Strength Test Strength2
Damage 1
Toughness 2
Spawn Effect N/A
Reckoning Mone this Monster 1 space toward the Shub-Niggurath Epic Monster.
Cultist Ability N/A


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