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The third card-only expansion for Eldritch Horror. Requires the core set to play.

SoC Box.jpg
Release June 2, 2016
Symbol 06
Signs of Carcosa
Type Card Only
Board None
Investigators 4
Ancient Ones 1

Expansion Overview

In the Signs of Carcosa expansion, investigators must discover the cause of the spreading madness that is sweeping the cities of the world. As the citizens of a population center lose their minds, they see the phantom spires of an alien city and visions of a faraway lake.

This expansion includes a new Ancient One and new investigators, Monsters, and encounters to be used with Eldritch Horror. It also introduces entirely new mechanics including Unique Assets and Impairment tokens.

Box Contents

This expansion introduces Talent Conditions and uses Impairment mechanics. It also contains Glamour spells, Unique Assets and Preludes.

Ancient Ones

The expansion contains the following Ancient One:


Hastur has 8 Mysteries listed here, 24 Research Encounter cards and 32 Special Encounter cards (Cities on the Lake, King in Yellow and Unspeakable One Final Mystery).

Hastur Small.png
Mystey Type
Beneath an Alien Sky Misc.
Cities on the Lake Special Encounter
Finding The Way Research Encounter, Item Requirement, Misc.
He Who Is Not to be Named Research Encounter
Ravages of the Blight Misc.
Spawn of Hastur Epic Monster
The King in Yellow Special Encounter
The Yellow Sign Eldritch Tokens, Research Encounter


This box contains the 4 Investigators below:


It contains the 4 Artifacts below:

Name Trait
Key to Carcosa Trinket, Magical
King in Yellow Item, Tome
Mask of Sthenelus Item, Magical, Relic
Tattered Cloak Item, Magical


The box contains 12 Spell cards listed here. Each spell has 4 variants.

Name Trait
Binding Incantation
Mind's Eye Glamour
Summon Byakhee Ritual


It contains its 16 Asset cards, as we see here:

Name Trait Value
.25 Automatic Item, Weapon 1
Arcane Assistant Ally 1
Assassination Service 2
Chief Inspector Ally 2
Enchanted Cane Item, Weapon, Magical 2
Esteemed Author Ally 3
Fine Jewelry Trinket 1
Flamethrower Item, Weapon 4
Lodge Disciple Ally 4
Lodge Physician Ally 3
Occult Text Item, Tome 2
Rumor Mill Service 1
Security Squad Ally 2
Specialist Ally 3
Three-card Monte Service 1
Tommy Gun Item, Weapon 3

Unique Assets

This expansion contains 16 Unique Assets, listed here:

Name Trait Count
Albert Wilmarth Ally - Character 1
Corinna Jones Ally - Character 1
Enlist The Masses Task 3
Funding The Cause Task 3
Granny Orne Ally - Character 1
Hildred Castaigne Ally - Character 1
Mastering The Art Task 3
Turning The Tide Task 3


It contains 28 Conditions cards, listed here:

Name Traits Count
Blessed Boon 1
Blight Bane 4
Cursed Bane 1
Dark Pact Deal 1
Debt Deal, Common 1
Elusive Talent 2
Headstrong Talent 2
Martial Prowess Talent 2
Promise of Power Deal 4
Resilient Talent 2
Skulduggery Talent 2
Studious Talent 2
Wanted Pursuit 4


The box contains 4 Prelude cards listed here.

Prelude Mechanic used
Silver Twilight Stockpile Additional Assets
Sins of the Past Promise of Power Condition
The King in Yellow Hastur
Weakness to Strength Impairment


It also contains the 24 Mythos cards listed below:

Name Type Difficulty
"Moved to Boston" Blue Easy
A Breakthrough! Yellow Easy
Awakening the Old Ones Blue Medium
Bargain With Nyarlathotep Blue Hard
Calamitous Fortune Yellow Hard
Everything Is Under Control Yellow Medium
Ghostly Chanting Blue Hard
I Am Legion Green Medium
Lead Astray Green Medium
Mass Hysteria Yellow Medium
No Time To Be Alone Green Hard
Over My Dead Body Green Hard
Painful Memories Green Easy
Phantom of Truth Yellow Easy
Plague of Vampires Yellow Hard
Played for a Fool Yellow Medium
Price Gouging Green Medium
Strange Affliction Yellow Medium
The Curtain Rises Yellow Medium
The King in Yellow Blue Medium
The Yellow Sign Yellow Hard
Time Catches Up Green Medium
Transported to the Hyades Blue Medium
Unhealthy Fascination Green Easy


The expansion contains 8 Monster tokens (6 normal, 2 epic).

Name Class Count
Crazed Mob Normal 1
Cultist Normal 2
Deep One Hybrid Normal 1
Firebug Normal 1
Hunting Byakhee Normal 1
Rogue Byakhee Epic 1
Spawn of Hastur Epic 1