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The second card-only expansion for Eldritch Horror. Requires the core set to play.

SR Box.jpg
Release 20 Jul 2015
Symbol 04
Strange Remnants
Type Card Only
Board None
Investigators 4
Ancient Ones 1

At the dawn of civilization, priests and prophets called for great blocks of stone to be brought over vast distances and then inscribed with prayers and parables. The very sight of these towers, ziggurats, and monuments brought all who saw them to their knees. Now moss covers these incredible feats of engineering and unspeakable horrors have taken root within. But the stones have endured. The architects foresaw the coming of the Ancient One and their work may yet hold the key to humanity’s survival. Only those of sufficient courage and skill will be able to unlock the secrets of these ancient wonders!

Expansion Overview

From the rulesheet.
The Strange Remnants expansion leads investigators to explore the mysterious remnants of past civilizations and the ruins left behind. These ancient sites of power can be harnessed by the worshippers of the Ancient Ones for nefarious purposes or by the investigators to protect humanity.

This expansion includes a new Ancient One and new investigators, Monsters, and encounters to be used with Eldritch Horror. It also introduces entirely new mechanics including Adventures, Mystic Ruins Encounters, the Focus action, and Unique Assets.

Box Contents


This expansion introduces Glamour spells and Mystic Ruins Encounters. It also uses Focus, Preludes, and contains 6 Cosmic Alignment adventures.

Ancient Ones

The expansion contains the following Ancient One:


Syzygy has 6 Mysteries listed here, 24 Research Encounter cards and 20 Special Encounter cards (Fortifying the Barrier and Sealing the Portal Final Mystery).

Syzygy Small.png
Mystey Type
Discovery of the Cosmic Alignment Research Encounter
Fortifying the Barrier Special Encounter
Plea to the Court of Azathoth Eldritch Tokens
Relics of the Ancient World Item Requirement
Shrouded in Mysticism Misc.
Unearthly Piping Misc.


This box contains the 4 Investigators below:


It contains the 4 Artifacts below:

Name Trait
Bone Pipes Item, Magical
Dragon Idol Item, Magical, Relic
Khopesh of the Abyss Item, Magical, Relic, Weapon
Mask of the Watcher Item, Magical


The box contains 16 Spell cards listed here. Each spell has 4 variants.

Name Trait
Astral Travel Glamour
Azure Flame Glamour
Markings of Isis Glamour
Voice of Ra Glamour


It contains its 16 Asset cards, as we see here:

Name Trait Value
Agent of Secrets Ally 4
Arcane Blade Item, Weapon, Magical 3
Consecration Service 2
Expedition Guide Ally 2
Expedition Map Trinket, Tome 1
Gruesome Talisman Trinket 1
Handcuffs Item 2
Holy Spear Item, Relic, Weapon, Magical 3
Lavish Feast Service 1
Medical Journal Item, Tome 2
Museum Curator Ally 3
Mysterious Tome Item, Tome 2
Opus Arcana Item, Tome 2
Ritual Dagger Item, Weapon, Magical 1
Specialized Training Task 1
Tome of Secrets Item, Tome 3

Unique Assets

This expansion contains 24 Unique Assets, listed here:

Name Trait Count
Ancient Sword Item - Magical Relic 1
Asenath Waite Ally - Character 1
Etienne Laurent Ally - Character 1
Exploring the Ruins Task 3
Lost Treasure Item - Magical Relic 1
Mysterious Idol Item - Magical Relic 3
Prayer Task 3
Professor Rice Ally - Character 1
Sealing the Old Ones Task 3
Stone Calendar Item - Magical Relic 1
Stone Chest Item - Relic 3
Stone Tablet Item - Relic 3


It contains 16 Conditions cards, listed here:

Name Traits Count
Agreement Deal 4
Blessed Boon 1
Cursed Bane 1
Dark Pact Deal 1
Debt Deal, Common 1
Head Injury Injury 4
Righteous Boon 4


The box contains 4 Prelude cards listed here.

Prelude Mechanic used
Dark Blessings Deal conditions
In Cosmic Alignment Syzygy or Cosmic Alignment adventures
The Coming Storm Mythos effects
The Dunwich Horror Yog-Sothoth


It also contains the 20 Mythos cards listed below:

Name Type Difficulty
Against All Odds Green Medium
Beginning of the End Green Hard
Corrupted Business Green Medium
Eye of the Storm Blue Hard
Far Corners of the Globe Blue Hard
Gaze of Ghatanothoa Yellow Hard
Glimmer of Hope Green Easy
Out of the Aeons Blue Medium
Overwhelming Swarm Yellow Hard
Price of Progress Yellow Easy
Relics of Old Blue Easy
Righteous Calling Green Easy
Safely Guarded Secrets Blue Medium
Strange Energies Green Medium
We're All Going To Die! Yellow Hard
Wild Arcana Green Hard
Wonders of the World Yellow Easy


The expansion contains 6 Monster tokens (4 normal, 2 epic).

Name Class Count
Cultist Normal 1
Ghatanothoa Epic 1
Servitor of the Outer Gods Normal 1
Spawn of Azathoth Epic 1
Star Vampire Normal 1
Werewolf Normal 1