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[[Category:Old Ones]]
[[Category:Old Ones]]
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[[Category:Strange Remnants]]
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"The Cosmic Alignment"

Card Details


Syzygy is a scenario (equivalent to the Old Ones) from the Strange Remnants expansion.


When the Omen advances to the red space of the Omen track, place 1 Eldritch token on that space. If there are 3 Eldritch tokens on the red space of the Omen track, "The Portal Opens" effect is triggered.

Normal Victory

There is no normal victory. When 2 Mysteries have been solved, "The Portal Opens" effect is triggered at the end of the next Mythos phase..


The players have 13 spaces on the Doom counter before the game ends.

Flavor Text

When the planets align with the center of the universe and the Earth falls under the shadow of an eclipse, that which would devour all life seeks to pierce the veil that keeps the darkness at bay.


*Horror is equal to the number of Eldritch tokens on the red space of the Omen track and toughness is equal to that number +1.


Set aside all Syzygy Special Encounters. Set up the Mystic Ruins Encounter deck.

Mythos Deck

Stage G Y B
1 0 2 2
2 3 3 0
3 3 5 0


Syzygy is currently unique in that it doesn't refer to an Old One. A syzygy is a cosmic alignment.