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This template is used to link a particular investigator, displaying his portrait before the link.


Copy/paste the code and fill with investigator first name. Ignore the case.
{{Investigator|<!--investigator first name-->}}


As an example, Father Mateo's first name is Mateo, but first word is Father. So it can be done with both to avoid confusing.

{{Investigator|father}} or {{Investigator|mateo}}

Father Mateo Father Mateo


Here is the typing of all investigators in the template. Some have two possibilities as shown in the previous example.

Investigators (A-G)
agatha Agatha Crane Agatha Crane
agnes Agnes Baker Agnes Baker
akachi Akachi Onyele Akachi Onyele
amanda Amanda Sharpe Amanda Sharpe
"Ashcan" Pete "Ashcan" Pete
bob Bob Jenkins Bob Jenkins
calvin Calvin Wright Calvin Wright
carolyn Carolyn Fern Carolyn Fern
carson Carson Sinclair Carson Sinclair
charlie Charlie Kane Charlie Kane
daisy Daisy Walker Daisy Walker
daniela Daniela Reyes Daniela Reyes
darrell Darrell Simmons Darrell Simmons
dexter Dexter Drake Dexter Drake
diana Diana Stanley Diana Stanley
Father Mateo Father Mateo
finn Finn Edwards Finn Edwards
george George Barnaby George Barnaby
gloria Gloria Goldberg Gloria Goldberg
Investigators (H-N)
hank Hank Samson Hank Samson
harvey Harvey Walters Harvey Walters
jacqueline Jacqueline Fine Jacqueline Fine
jenny Jenny Barnes Jenny Barnes
jim Jim Culver Jim Culver
joe Joe Diamond Joe Diamond
kate Kate Winthrop Kate Winthrop
leo Leo Anderson Leo Anderson
lily Lily Chen Lily Chen
lola Lola Hayes Lola Hayes
luke Luke Robinson Luke Robinson
mandy Mandy Thompson Mandy Thompson
marie Marie Lambeau Marie Lambeau
mark Mark Harrigan Mark Harrigan
michael Michael McGlen Michael McGlen
minh Minh Thi Phan Minh Thi Phan
Monterey Jack Monterey Jack
norman Norman Withers Norman Withers
Investigators (P-Z)
patrice Patrice Hathaway Patrice Hathaway
preston Preston Fairmont Preston Fairmont
rex Rex Murphy Rex Murphy
rita Rita Young Rita Young
roland Roland Banks Roland Banks
sefina Sefina Rousseau Sefina Rousseau
silas Silas Marsh Silas Marsh
Sister Mary Sister Mary
skids "Skids" O'Toole "Skids" O'Toole
tommy Tommy Muldoon Tommy Muldoon
tony Tony Morgan Tony Morgan
trish Trish Scarborough Trish Scarborough
ursula Ursula Downs Ursula Downs
vincent Vincent Lee Vincent Lee
wendy Wendy Adams Wendy Adams
william William Yorick William Yorick
wilson Wilson Richards Wilson Richards
zoey Zoey Samaras Zoey Samaras