Eldritch Horror Wiki

Flavor Text

You have seen the signs that others could not. They called you paranoid, called your preparations illogical, even crazy, but you know the truth. The truth that when the time comes, you will be ready. You will weather that which is prophesied to come. You will survive.

Prelude Condition

After resolving setup, resolve these Mythos effects

Advance Omen Spawn Gates Monster Surge

Then, starting with the Lead Investigator, each investigator resolves two effects of his choice.

  • Move to an adjacent space and/or gain 1 travel ticket of your choice
  • Gain 1 Clue and 1 Focus
  • Gain 1 Asset with value equal to or less than your Influencefrom the reserve.
  • Gain 1 Glamour Spell, 1 Incantation Spell, or 1 Ritual Spell.
  • Improve 1 skill of your choice.