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Personal Story for Vincent Lee.

Flavor Text

The Hippocratic oath states that one must never harm a patient, and by God you have lived by that code. You have no fear that you would ever harm another. You only have fear that what you do will never be enough.

Personal Story

  • When a Mystery is solved, discard this card and gain the Do No Harm Reward.
  • When another investigator is Defeated with zero Health Health, discard this card and gain the Mortal Wounds Consequence.

Reward: Do No Harm

  • When you gain this card, gain a Composed Condition and a Practiced Condition.
  • When you gain a Resource, gain 1 additional Resource.

Consequence: Mortal Wounds

  • When you gain this card, discard 1 Talent Condition.
  • Your maximum Health Health is reduced by 2.