Eldritch Horror Wiki

Flavor Text

The union of the witch Lavinia Whateley and the Outer God Yog-Sothoth gave birth to a creature so hideous and deformed that it was hidden from sight for years in a barn on the Whateley farm in Dunwich, Massachusetts.

Now, the Whateleys are dead or missing and the beast roams free, rampaging through the countryside, a dark testament to its father's will.

Prelude Condition

During step 9 of setup("Resolve Starting Effects"), if Yog-Sothoth is the Ancient One, search the Mystery deck for the Spawn of Yog-Sothoth Mystery instead of drawing a random Mystery.

After resolving setup, each investigator gains 1 Glamour Spell. Then, if Yog-Sothoth is not the Ancient One, spawn the Dunwich Horror Epic Monster on Arkham.

During the game, the Dunwich Horror Epic Monster has toughness equal to NoInvestigators +4.