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The Enchanted Wood is a location on the Dreamlands Map. It connects to Ulthar by a local path.

The Enchanted Wood allows one way travel from any other board. When an investigator that is not on the Dreamlands side board performs a Rest action, he may spend 1 Clue or test Will-1. If he passes or spends the Clue, he moves to The Enchanted Wood.


Investigators at this location may have a Dream-Quest encounter if the Dream-Quest Token is present. Investigators may also have General and Research encounters here. Gates do not spawn on The Enchanted Wood.


The Enchanted Wood is a fictional location. It was a forest in Earth's Dreamlands in HP Lovecraft's short story The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath.

The forest is inhabited by Zoogs. In Lovecraft's story it is connected to the Underworld through a trap door.