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Personal Story for Leo Anderson.

Flavor Text

You are a born leader, but this upcoming expedition is going to be the toughest one of them all. You have to gather the right connections. The right muscle, the right talent. The right specialist. Everyone has to be the best. Any less, and the world is doomed.

Personal Story

  • When you have 5 or more Ally Assets, discard this card and gain the Full Party Reward.
  • When another Investigator is defeated or devoured, discard this card and gain the All Your Fault Consequence.

Reward: Full Party

  • When you gain this card, gain 1 Character Unique Asset.
  • You cannot discard your Ally Assets unless you choose to.

Consequence: All Your Fault

  • Roll 1 fewer die owhen resolving a Influence or Will test.
  • Your maximum Health Health and Sanity Sanity are reduced by 1.