Eldritch Horror Wiki

Flavor Text

116 Die in Theater Fire. You frown at the headline. The photograph shows the smoldering remains of the once popular playhouse. You ignore the feeling in your gut and scan the article, hoping against hope that is not what you think. No mention. Good. To your dismay, your relief is cut short. There, in the picture, on a piece of wood that escaped the fire - the Yellow Sign.

Prelude Condition

Before setup 8 of setup ("Build Mythos Deck"), set aside the King in Yellow Rumor Mythos card.

After resolving setup, if Hastur is the Ancient One, spawn a number of Gates as indicated by the Reference card unless the Lead Investigator gains a Blight Condition. Then, return the King in Yellow Rumor Mythos card to the game box.

If Hastur is not the Ancient One, place The King in Yellow Rumor Mythos card in play with 2 Eldritch tokens on it.

Then each investigator may spend 1 Sanity to gain 1 Clue.