Eldritch Horror Wiki

Flavor Text

Everywhere you go, smiling faces greet you - a wink here, raised eyebrows there. A brief handshake and an amorous embrace. Doors practically fly off their hinges as they open before you, golden light spilling forth from within.

The world is going to hell in a handbasket, and while a select few can match your limitless charisma, fewer still have the ability to muster the resources needed to combat the rising tide.

Money cannot buy friendship, perhaps, but it sure can open a lot of doors.

Prelude Conditions

During this game, if an Asset would be placed on a space of the reserve, the active investigator may place 1 random Task Unique Asset from the deck faceup on that space instead.

Task Unique Assets in the reserve can be gained as part of the Acquire Assets action. Each Task Unique Asset in the reserve has value 2.