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Personal Story for Agatha Crane.

Flavor Text

Everything has a rational scientific explanation, even the paranormal. If you could only convince your colleagues that these things are real, you might be able to procure the means to deal with them.

Personal Story

  • After you gain a Clue from your passive ability, you may spend 5 Clues and discard this card to gain the Rational Explanation Reward.
  • When you have only Sanity 1 Sanity, discard this card and gain the Superstition Consequence.

Reward: Rational Explanation

  • When you gain this card, improve Influence and Observation.
  • You may spend 1 Clue when resolving a test to reroll any number of dice.

Consequence: Superstition

  • If you would lose Sanity Sanity, lose that amount plus 1 instead.
  • Whenever you lose Sanity, discard that many Clues.