Eldritch Horror Wiki
Mystery Name: The Unspeakable One
Ancient One: Hastur
Expansion: 06
Signs of Carcosa
Requires Clues: No
Requres Spells: No
Eldritch Token Placed: No
Requires Artifact: No
Epic Monster: No

Flavor Text

Insanity spreads like wildfire as the agents of Hastur prepare the cities of earth to be swallowed by Lost Carcosa.


When Hastur awakens, each investigator that has a Blight Condition loses all Sanity; this loss of Sanity cannot be prevented

Mystery Conditions

As an encounter, if 2 Mysteries have been solved, an investigator on a City space containing a Gate may confront Hastur; he draws and resolves an Unspeakable One Special Encounter.

When there are Eldritch tokens on this sheet equal to half NoInvestigators, the Final Mystery is solved and Investigators win the game. 

Game Effects

Effects cannot prevent the loss of Sanity.

Each time Doom would advance, each investigator loses that much Sanity instead. Then, if all investigators have been eliminated, investigators lose the game. 

Reckoning: Investigators as a group lose Sanity equal to the number of Gates on the game board unless the Lead Investigator gains a Blight Condition.