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Roland Banks small.png
Personal Story for Roland Banks.

Flavor Text

Dead ends never bothered you much. Temporary setbacks, nothing more. Every empty room, every missing item, and every perp who refuses to talk are clues in and of themselves.

Personal Story

  • Whenever you gain a Clue during a Research Encounter, place 1 Eldritch Token on this card. Then, if there are 3 Eldritch tokens on this card, discard this card and gain the By The Book Reward.
  • When you have only Health 1 Health or Sanity 1 Sanity, discard this card and gain the Early Retirement Consequence.

Reward: By The Book

  • When you gain this card, set aside 2 random Service Assets from the deck.
  • You may use your passive ability up to twice per round.

Consequence: Early Retirement

  • When this card enters play, advance Doom by 1.
  • Subtract 1 from the result of each die you roll as part of a non-Deal Condition effect.