The Underworld

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For the Other World Encounter cards, see The Underworld (Other World).


The Underworld is a location on the Dreamlands Map. It connects to Ulthar by an uncharted path. It is usually connected to the World Map by a local path through a Dream Portal. Dream portals will only establish such a connection to a location named on a gate token.

The Underworld is the setting for several Gate encounters. These encounters have no mechanical relationship with the Dreamlands Map location.


Investigators at this location may have a Dream-Quest encounter if the Dream-Quest Token is present. Investigators may also have General, Research and Gate encounters here.


The Underworld is a fictional location beneath the surface of Earth's Dreamlands described in HP Lovecraft's Dream Cycle stories.

It is inhabited by Ghouls, Night-Guants. Gugs are trapped in this realm by gods. It is often characterized as dark and dangerous. Although underground, it contains vast cities, mountains, and towers. The Tower of Thok connects to The Enchanted Wood on the surface, a journey which is described by a Gate encounter in the game.

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