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For the Dreamlands map location, see The Underworld.

Card Overview

Name: The Underworld
Card Type: Other World Encounter
Test Required: Yes
Clue Required: No
Choice Allowed: Yes
Variants: 2

Encounter Details

ID # Set Initial Text Pass Effect Fail Effect
You find yourself surrounded by ghouls. However, they don't seem to be antagonistic toward you. In fact, you believe you could persuade them to help you (Influence). The ghouls direct you into the Tower of Koth in the City of the Gugs. As you ascend the tower's stairs, an enormous gug chases after you. The sound of the monstrosity rattles your nerves (Will). If you pass, close this Gate. If you fail, you hide, waiting for it to go away; lost Sanity 1 Sanity. Your well-reasoned arguments seem to have no impact, but bribery might. You may discard 1 Item possession to close this Gate. If you do not discard the possession, the ghouls attack you; lose Health 1 Health and gain an Injury Condition.
60 07
The Dreamlands
You hide in a long-abandoned temple in the city of the gugs. An avatar of Magnum Innominandum challenges you to a game of riddles. Accept the challenge to resolve the pass effect; or decline the challenge to resolve the fail effect. You agree to the rules of the game, and the Nameless Mist asks you riddle after riddle (Lore-1). If you pass, you demand a reward for your wit; close this Gate. If you fail, the strange being reduces one of your traveling companions to a pile of ash; lose Sanity 1 Sanity and discard 1 Ally Asset. The Nameless Mist spins horrific tales of the city of the gugs (Will-1). If you pass, the stories reveal a way home; close this Gate. If you fail, the tales serve only to unhinge your mind; lose Sanity 2 Sanity unless you gain 1 Madness Condition.



The Underworld is a place mentioned by H.P. Lovecraft in some of his works. It may or may not be the same place as the Great Abyss.
For more information about this, see the The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath on Lovecraft icon.png The H.P. Lovecraft Wiki.

Notable places

  • Tower of Koth.
  • City of the Gugs.