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Personal Story for Rita Young.

Flavor Text

When times have been tough, you have kept your head held high. Sure, it was just people before, but people can be monsters of a sort anyway. This is your time.

Personal Story

  • When you defeat a non-Epic Monster during a Combat Encounter, place that Monster on this card. Then if the total toughness of Monsters on this card is 10 or greater, discard this card and gain The Comeback Reward.
  • When you have only Health 1 Health or Sanity 1 Sanity, discard this card and gain the Leave Me Alone! Consequence.

Reward: The Comeback

  • When you gain this card, improve Observation and Will.
  • Once per round, when you gain a Talent Condition, improve 1 skill of your choice.

Consequence: Leave Me Alone!

  • Increase the damage and horror of Monsters you encounter by 1.