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A Trinket is a type of Asset that appears in a game of Eldritch Horror. They can be described as small, valuable items. They are usually obtained through Acquire Assets actions, but can also be obtained through other cards like Skulduggery. They can be lost to many Mythos or Encounter cards

Trinkets often add indirect bonuses to tests, such as allowing re-rolls, thus stacking with skill bonuses granted by other assets. For this reason Trinkets synergize well with Items.

Wendy Adams may spend an action to gain a Trinket from the reserve automatically.

Assets, Unique Assets and Artifacts can be Trinkets.

Trinkets can have one or more of the following Traits: Magical, Relic, Tome, Weapon

Trinket Assets

Name Trait Set Value Short Description
.18 Derringer Trinket, Weapon Core 1 +1 to one Strength die in combat
Expedition Map Trinket, Tome SR 1
Arcane Scroll Trinket, Tome Pyr 1
Lucky Talisman Trinket, Relic Pyr 3
Dream Box Trinket, Magical DL 2
Elder Sign Trinket, Magical FL 2
Grisly Totem Trinket, Magical CiR 3 +1Strength,+1Will,reroll 1 die
Lucky Ring Trinket FL 3 Reroll 1 die per test
Magnifying Glass Trinket Pyr 1 1/rnd reroll any # dice for 1 clue
Lucky Rabbit's Foot Trinket Core 1
Lucky Cigarette Case Trinket Core 2
Pocket Watch Trinket Core 1
Gambler's Dice Trinket Mtns 3
Fine Jewelry Trinket SoC 1
Gruesome Talisman Trinket SR 1 +1 to one Will die in combat
Ritual Candles Trinket Pyr 1
Skeleton Keys Trinket DL 1 1/rnd +1 to one die in other world
Puzzle Box Trinket Core 3
Painkillers Trinket CiR 1 Reroll 1 die, Illness/Injury test
Treasured Memento Trinket MoN 1 1/rnd, gain 1 Focus when spending Focus

Trinket Unique Assets

Trinket Artifacts