Eldritch Horror Wiki

Flavor Text

Bruised, dehydrated, and short of breath, you lean against the limestone pillar, gasping for air. Behind you, a black pit in the sand reveals the entrance to some lost passage beneath the pyramid.

Your skin is raw and bloodied where the ropes chafed you. By luck, you escaped, but soon your captors will notice your absence. The roar of some profane creature echoes forth from the pit, and you fear that your presence here has not gone unnoticed.

Prelude Conditions

During step 5 of setup ("Determine Ancient One") Set up the Egypt side board.

After resolving setup, if Nephren-Ka is the Ancient One, search the Gate stack for all Gates that correspond to spaces on the Egypt side board. Randomize the Gate Stack and place those Gates on top in a random order. Then, spawn 1 Monster on the Active Expedition space and 1 Monster on The Bent Pyramid.

If Nephren-Ka is not the Ancient One, set aside all Museum Heist Adventures; then draw the Framed for Theft Adventure.