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Mystery Quick Reference

Name: Unearthly Piping
Card Type: Mystery
Ancient One: Syzygy
Expansion: 04
Strange Remnants
Requires Clue: Yes
Requires Spells: Yes
Eldritch Tokens: No
Required Items: No
Monster: No
Mystery Type: Miscellaneous

Flavor Text

In the places where the walls between dimensions are the weakest, a hideous piping melody can be heard. Those who hear it have broken minds, and only solidifying the veil between worlds can save them.

Mystery Text

After an investigator closes a Gate during an Other World Encounter or a Mystic Ruins Encounter, he may spend 1 Clue and discard 1 Spell to place 1 Clue on this card.

At the end of the Mythos Phase, if there are Clues on this card equal to NoInvestigators, solve this Mystery.