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Ramanga Ramanga 5 November 2016

Change to edit privileges

In order to increase visibility and encourage people to join the community, I have disabled the setting for anonymous edits.  Edit permissions are still available to any user to who logs in.

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Ramanga Ramanga 1 February 2016


In order to make the pages in the wiki a little more efficient in terms of information displayed, I have started adding infoboxes.  The first two categories I am working on are Investigators and Locations.  If anyone wants to do the same, please go ahead, and if you have any questions on how to do so, please let me know.  Note - make sure you save your infobox templates with unique and relevant names please!

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Ramanga Ramanga 12 January 2016

To do list - Jan 2016

Here are the tasks I'd like to prioritize in Jan 2016

1. Spread the word!  The more people who are aware of the wiki, the more who can contribute

2. Flesh out the investigator bios!  Players tend to spend a long time picking their character, especially when you have all expansions, so there are a lot of investigators to choose from.  Helping them get familiar with the characters ahead of time helps.

3. Flesh out the Old Ones bios - This really helps cement the mood and experience when you know more about what it is you are up against.

4. Add pictures - self explanatory

5. Add gameplay basics - Turn sequence, description of actions, etc. - To help remind and prepare players

Naturally, if you or anyone else wants to work on anything else, by all m…

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Ramanga Ramanga 21 December 2015


Hello, I'm putting together a wiki for Eldritch Horror.  My main reasons behind this are:

1. I've been a lifelong fan of the works of H.P. Lovecraft, R. E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, Ambrose Bierce, and their contemporaries.

2. I was introduced to this board game and immediately fell in love with it.

3.  I could not find an existing wiki that described the games.

I would be grateful if any other fans out there would be interested in helping out with this wiki.  It is my first one and I could use the help.

Your companion in Madness,


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