Eldritch Horror Wiki

Flavor Text

As you access the familiar locus of arcane power; you become immediately aware that something has gone horribly wrong.

The ley lines - you can still sense their presence, but they are obfuscated and sticky as if veiled by the strands of a spider's web.

Worse, you can sense something more. Beyond the web, the pulsating life force of another world swells against the walls of an unseen dimension, threatening to burst through into your own.

Prelude Condition

Before step 8 of setup ("Build Mythos Deck") set aside the Web Between Worlds Rumor Mythos card.

After resolving setup, if Atlach-Nacha is the Ancient One, spawn a number of additional Gates as indicated by the Reference card.

If Atlach-Nacha is not the Ancient One, place the Web Between Worlds Rumor Mythos card in play with 4 Eldritch Tokens on it.

Then, each Investigator may gain 1 Clue or 1 Spell.