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The Handyman

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  • Action: Gain 1 Asset of your choice with value 1 from the reserve; or discard 1 card from the reserve and perform 1 additional action.
  • When you or another investigator on your space spend a Focus to reroll a die, that investigator may reroll up to 2 dice instead.

Flavor Text


"It's nothing a good plan and some hard work can't fix."


Wilson's a practical man. He goes where there's work. When it's gone, he moves on. Wilson finds that offering an honest deal gets him treated honestly, but since he took a job rebuilding a church in Arkham, he's had a hard time being honest with himself. Things that used to hide in the deepest pits of the earth have crawled to the surface. He cannot unsee all the things he's seen, but he can get to work on fixing the problem.

Defeated Encounters

Loss of Health

This abandoned house is where Wilson was supposed to be. You see his belongings, but no sign of the man. Gain all of his possessions. About to give up, you hear a faint scraping coming from the walls. You tear down the plaster and lath as quickly as you can (Strength). If you pass, you pull him out, barely alive and he tells you what he's discovered; retreat Doom by 1. If you fail, you don't get it out in time, and he takes the secrets with him to the grave. Whether you pass or not, discard his Investigator token.

Loss of Sanity

When you find Wilson, he's surrounded by countless shards of glass and loose stones he's arranged in some way that is only meaningful to him. As you watch, he moves the debris around his obscure patterns. You spend a few hours trying to speak with him (Influence). If you pass, you understand the message he's struggling to communicate; retreat Doom by 1. If you fail, he never speaks another sane word. Whether you pass or not, gain all of his possessions and discard his Investigator token.

Team Role