Eldritch Horror Wiki

Flavor Text

You stand out front of the unusual building. Strange, you do not remember it being here before. You look up at the gently swaying sign hanging above its gilded doors - "Festival Emporium."

Other passerby walk on, seeming to notice neither you nor the exotic storefront.

You raise an eyebrow and peer through the dusty windows. Colorful trinkets of all varieties line every shelf. You think you see a statue of a duck. Curious. Very curious.

Prelude Conditions

During this game, if an Asset would be placed on a space of the reserve, you may place 1 random Relic Unique Asset from the deck faceup on that space instead.

Relic Unique Assets in the reserve can be gained as part of the Acquire Assets Action. Each Relic unique asset in the reserve has a value of 1. As an additional cost to gain a Relic Unique Asset, you must spend 1 Resource.