Eldritch Horror Wiki

Card Overview

Name: Wooden Puppet
Card Type: Unique Asset
Tags: Ally - Magical Relic
Effect Yes
Action No
Reckoning Yes
Variants: 2

Card Front

Effect: Once per round, you may reroll 1 die when resolving a test.
Action: N/A
Reckoning: The puppet acts on its own. Flip this card.

Card Back

Flip Title Set Flavor Text Effects
1 05
Under the Pyramids
The construct will only obey those who prove their strength. (Strength-1). If you pass, the puppet ventures out into the dark each night, and each morning it returns with bloody claws, a scrap of hide, or some other gruesome trophy; 1 Monster of your choice on any space loses 2 Health Health.

If you fail, the thing rebels; lose 1 Health Health unless you discard this card.

Then flip this card.

2 09
Masks of Nyarlathotep
The puppet stays in constant contact with your thoughts. Eventually it encounters a dark intelligence that tries to break your connection (Will-1). If you pass, you maintain control and drive your rival away from the puppet; choose 1 Monster on any space. Move the chose Monster 1 space away from you.

If you fail, the strain proves too much for you; lose 1 Sanity unless you discard this card.

Then flip this card.