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"The Father of Serpents"


Yig is an Ancient One from the Forsaken Lore expansion..


Reckoning: Spawn 1 Cultist Monster on the Active Expedition space. Then, if there are 2 or more Monsters on that space, advance Doom by 1.

When 3 Mysteries have been solved, investigators win the game.

Yig's starting doom is 10

Flavor Text

Many know that Yig's punishment for those who harm his progeny is a terrible curse, but few know that long ago, the serpent people betrayed Yig and suffered his wrath. Now the survivors return, eager to conquer for their true master.


If you lose Health from the Strength test, you've been bitten by the snake-like creature; gain a Poisoned Condition.


Set aside 6 Cultists, 1 Serpent People, and all Yig Special Encounter Cards.

Mythos Deck

Stage I 1 2 1
Stage II 2 3 1
Stage III 2 4 0


Yig is one of the most difficult ancient ones according to polled game results on boardgamegeek [1]. This may be biased by the fact that Yig is in included in the Forsaken Lore expansion, which generally makes the game harder. His short doom track and harsh reckoning power make him likely to awaken, and he must often be defeated after awakening.

Yig sets aside 6 cultists at the beginning of the game, which increases the difficulty of the remaining monsters in the cup. This may be alleviated somewhat by having many expansions, since they provide additional cultist tokens.

Yig commonly causes investigators to become poisoned through cultist fights and research encounters. Cultists have higher damage than toughness ratings, so they may poison you even if you defeat them. Effects that prevent damage can prevent cultists from poisoning investigators. Vincent Lee's Investigator special action can easily remove poison conditions.

Yig's Reckoning effect should not be neglected. Whenever a monster is on the active expedition, the players are in danger of doom advancing. It is highly recommended to make clearing monsters from the active expedition a priority.

It may not be advisable to have expedition encounters frequently, as the token could move to a location which already contains a monster. Yig's Reckoning becomes more manageable with expansions that allow the expedition to appear in cities like Arkham or Rome, since this makes the expedition less remote. Silas Marsh and Ursula Downs are effective at reaching expedition spaces.

Monsters resolve Reckoning before Ancient Ones. A monster on the expedition space with a Reckoning movement effect moves first, then a cultist is placed. This may help prevent doom from advancing.